Mix of Black-Jackal and Wolves- bread through magic to be combat allies, didn't go so well.


Mix of Grizzly Bear and Sitarian Eagle - Bread though magic from city rulers who were incompetant and just wanted a powerful mount


Mix of lion and Sitarian Eagle -chimera

Sitarian EagleEdit

Eagle the size of a human and massive wing span -natural species


wasps with white-bird like wings, these creatures are actaully about the size of an average sized bird, and their stings are usually fatal to the victim.- bread through magic by mixing wasps with doves. Meant to use as weapons to harm enemies. Bread too rapidly to control.


Rabbits with antlers. Originally bread during the days before dark magic was as prominate and created to amuse children. Ironicly hunted for good tasting meat, and they bread pretty fast.

Dragon RacesEdit

Mythical BirdsEdit