Debut (Story)
  • Split Embers
Appears in Split Embers, Confused and Tainted World


Birthdate June 2
Gender Male
  • Split Embers: 22-26
  • Confused and Tainted: 26+
  • Sorcerer
  • Split Embers: None
  • Confused and Tainted: Mcknight House
  • Native American/Caucasian (American)
Reason for getting into the College Welding, made a major statue in Tulsa.
Studies in College Mathmatics, Welding, Biology
[hide] Elements
  • Lava
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Quiet and keeps to himself and works a lot on his creations he always likes to be  unpredictable in a very good way and listens to people talk then if time comes he will talk it's  somewhat surprising as hes usually very quiet because he chooses to be and is also smart but never  shows it. However, around Max he opens up, prone to talking more than he does with anyone else and is prone to joking along with each other. Very patient guy, but don't fuck with those he cares about.


Grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and created a famous statue there. He actually went to the same  high school that Max and Ikuto did in Oklahoma, and while Jared rarely ever spoke to anyone else, the three of them often spoke to each other and became fast friends. After High School, Jared didn't see Max nor Ikuto for a long time, and Jared mostly stuck to his welding jobs. Not much else noteworthy happened until Jared was invited to Allan's University for the Gifted. Little did he know that he would later find Max and Ikuto attending the same school.


  • like many of the characters, Jared is based on one of Christopher J. Ridgeway's actual friends.

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