Note: Cryonix and Zizix are considered variants of the same race, that is to say a Phoenix. However, the fire type are simply called "Phoenixes" while the other races are more specific.


Birds that can have fire eminating from their feathers, they have an immunity to being harmed from any kind of fire, including dragon flames. They have healing tears. They resurrect from the dead by bursting into flames and then coming out of the flames fully repaired and can resurrect from the dead 100 times, but do not breed very quickly. Have a temper but have learned to control that temperament. Typically view themselves as a higher type of race and do not respect humans very easily, but are not usually hostile towards them either unless faced with hunters trying to steal their feathers for weapons or steal their tears for potions. The lifespan of a Phoenix is 100 years for each life.

Known PhoenixesEdit


Birds that have ice on the tips of their feathers, these birds have poison tears and can generate ice abilities, they also are immune to harm from ice. They ressurect from the dead by crystallizing into ice and then breaking free from the ice and can ressurect from the dead 100 times, but do not breed very quickly. Are bitter and cold and do not like humans at all, but will not attack them unless provoked by humans. The lifespan of a Cryonix is 100 years for each life.


breed extremely slowly, usually there isn't more than 2 or 3 at any given time in existence. They can come back from the dead only 2 or 3 times. When dying and resurrecting, they explode into almost microscopic pieces, and then slowly come back together over the course of a few years. They are the biggest mythological beast, being much more than 3 times the size of any Dragon or Phoenix. So in other words: OH SHIT. They also have lightning abilities, but lack anything special within their tears. Zizix view humans indifferently and tend to act like they do not even notice they are there. They prefer instead to watch over all birds and particlarly like to protect Phoenixes and Cryonixes. Sometimes they like to refer to themselves as the "lord Of birds". THe lifespan of a Zizik is hard to determine, but rumor has it that it can exceed 1000 years for each life.

Known ZizixesEdit