Dark World timeline


In the beginning there was the god Vacadrews. He created the Earth which covers the land on the water. He created the entire universe. However his biggest problem was that he was lonely and the creatures he had created on the earth were not enough to satisfy that loneliness so... in the beginning God created the phoenixes and the dragons he created these two races to be equals. However it all started one day when they approached god with a question " which one of us is better?" And to this question got answered I created you both to be equal. Displeased with this answer the first war was fought.

The war between the Phoenix and the dragons. In these days all phoenixes were as giant as dragons were.

In order to combat this problem he created the elves who were created to Value all life on the Earth with their task being to stop the war between the phoenixes and the dragons. However they failed due to realizing they did not know how to make weapons so God created the dwarves to help the elves defeat the phoenixes and Dragons to make peace on the Earth. However the dwarves grew prideful as did the elves and began arguing over whether it was the elves skill in combat or the dwarves skill and making the weapons that was better and in turn they both became Rivals who decided that their race was better than the other thus the elves and dwarves went to war with each other as well. God threw up his hands and said screw it I'm done interfering I will let them do what they will do. However something came of this you see some of the elves and dwarves decided that the war between the races was stupid and decided to mate with each other. These small tribes of some of the elves and dwarves gave birth to what we now know as Humanity.

Humanity decided they loved the peace that their parents The Elves and dwarves shared so much that they wanted to force the Phoenix and Dragons to be at peace as well and to fulfill the mission that their ancestors tried to do. However the dwarves and elves would not listen to them so while they tried to force the dwarves and elves to be at peace it cause the the humans to be at war with them as well because Humanity was looked at as dirty blood. The Phoenix has decided to take advantage of this and learn to shape-shift in order to hide and look like humans and those phoenixes that did so hot Humanity Magic specifically dragon slayer Magic. However Humanity overtime realize that they could create fire arrows from the feathers of the phoenixes and begin slaying Phoenix's as well. There was an additional problem humans could reproduce faster than any race I'm more quickly over running and outnumbering all other sentient races. God became angry at the destruction that was being rought.

And so God split the earth in two. One being our Earth and the other half being the other Earth in a parallel dimension. And so he split Humanity in two.. half of humanity would be on Earth One. The remaining elves and dwarves would also be on Earth One. As well as a select few Phoenix's and Dragons. On Earth two would be the other half of humanity but absolutely none of the elves and dwarves would be here. However the majority of the phoenixes and Dragons were placed on Earth two. And God took it a step further and created individual races of the phoenixes and Dragons to exist on Earth 2.

The original “Earth” was known as Salliel. Humanity had begun slaying both Phoenixes and Dragons alike. Vacadrews grew weary of this, especially since all other sentient races reproduced much slower than Humans did. He worries humans would end up kill all other races and overrun Salliel, wiping out all sentient life in the long run. Thus, he split the world in Two, making them two different worlds. The worlds were named Alliel and Saechriel, though many humans of both worlds insisted on still calling their own world “Earth”, thus Alliel is also known as “Earth 1” and Saechriel as “Earth 2”, for shorthand. The reason for this number system is that the Planet Alliel was allowed to remain in the universe Salliel had been in, but with modifications made by Vacadrews, while the planet of Saechriel existed in an “Alternate Universe”, a sort of pocket dimension if you will. Alliel contained every race but had few Phoenixes or Dragons. Half of all humans were here. This is the Earth you and I know best, “Our Earth”, if you will.

Saechriel had a lot more Phoenixes and Dragons, but also Vacadrews created many more Phoenixes and Dragons for this world as well. This is referred to as the “Phoenix and Dragon boom”. This made both races more plentiful here. There were no Elves nor Dwarves here, and the other half of all humans were here. This is the Earth you and I know less about, “Dark World” as it would later become known as.

To make extra sure that these worlds would be apart, he had them exist in two different planes of reality he created, and to further seperate the two, even if somehow someone someday found a way to journey from one to the other, time would flow differently for them as a cost. Approximately 1 year on Alliel would be approximately 1 month on Saechriel. However, he shortly after saw wars on both planets.

On Alliel, a phoenix named Merlin took human form and out of sympathy for what he knew was to come, taught humans many magic techniques. He did so while posing as a human. He thus formed the human “Wizards Guild”. Meanwhile, the Phoenix Spadril gathered a guild of Phoenixes and became the “Mages Guild”. Disguised as a human magic-based guild it was created to plan a way to kill all of the humans and eventually attempted to do so. The Pheonixes were winning, despite being outnumbered. Dragons stayed hidden, weathering the storm so to speak.

Evlves and Dwarves aided the humans for fear of their own lives, but it wasn't enough. Phoenix's magic had grown far too powerful.

Meanwhile, on Saechriel, it was in it's first Dark Age. Phoenixes and Dragons had declared a 3 way war on Humans, and were losing. Then, another sub-race, this one of humans, called Goblins, declared war on all of them. It was a bloody age. Vacadrews realized additional precautions had to be made.

Thus Vacadrews drained all Phoenixes of Alliel of most of their magic. He knew they had grown to powerful. Their needed to be a new powerful race. He looked to the horses and created a new race. Resembling a horse, this had a white mane, a horn and wings. This “Alicorn” race would be as powerful in magic as Phoenixes of Alliel used to be, but would be extremely peaceful and quiet creatures with no desire at all for war. Eventually, two more races formed as sub-races of the Alicorn, the “Unicorn” which had magic almost as good as an Alicorn, but no wings, and the “Pegasus” which had wings but no horn and no magic.

These three races are much smarter than horses, and thus find being called a “horse” insulting, but Alicorns and Unicorns prefer not to fight. Pegasus were different. They enjoyed combat, but in exchange for feeling as such, Vacadrews stripped them of the ability to speak.

Meanwhile, on Saechriel, Vacadrews was disgusted by the Goblins and he killed most of them himself. This was the first time Vacadrews had smited a sentient race himself. He knew that was not enough however, remembering that before the Goblins, Humans were winning the war here, one that Phoenixes and Dragons had started. Thus, more races of Phoenix and Dragon were created by Vacadrews. You'd think this bad.

However, the two greatest of these were the Golden Dragon and the Zizix. They were too big to ever be killed by Humans in Vacadrews' eyes, but in addition, he designed them to be indifferent to humans. The Golden Dragon and Zizix thus had no desire to attack humanity whatsoever. These races lead their respective kind, keeping them in line, and in a sense, this kept humanity safe.

Zizix still hated Dragons however, and the Golden Dragon still hated Phoenixes as well, but they kept this secret for now. Humans on Saechriel saw recent events as a sign of weakness for Phoenixes and Dragons, but dared not attack them. Thus, they declared war on each other, forming various groups all to find out whom among them would challenge Vacadrews for the title they'd given him of “God”.

Sometime around this time on Alliel, Elves and Dwarves once again waged war on each other. Humans tried to get in between them, and it lead to a 3-way war. In the end, Elves and Dwarves lost, greatly reducing their size. Humanity's dominance was no solidified. Vacadrews was angry with both planets. Thus he took things one step further, and had humans on both Alliel and Saecriel lose all knowledge over magic completely. Thus now, all humans would have to learn magic all over again. They were stripped of their greatest gift for the time being.


On Alliel, while all other Phoenixes had been stripped of their old magical ways, two did not, due to having not died.

These two very old phoenixes were Merlin and Spadril. Merlin decided to use his knowledge to once again help humanity. Thus he helped King Arthur rise to power and in secret, revived the human “Wizards Guild”. Where he taught a select few humans magic, with the condition they keep it secret for reasons he would not tell them, though many assumed it was simply “humanity isn't ready for this kind of power”. Merlin died a happy man, apparently being so old that he died of old age, proving once again that Phoenixes didn't truly live forever, they simply had a very long lifespan, on top of the ability to resurrect when killed. Upon his death, humans agreed none could rule their guild as well as he did alone, thus now leadership was fallen upon a wizard council, which itself would sometimes have a leader, but with less power.

Spadril continued what he'd tried doing before. He gathered phoenixes and reformed the “Mage Guild” in secret. The guild was still just as sinister as they slowly took control of many world governments from behind the scenes and were a group of control freaks hell beont on ruling all of Alliel from behind the scenes.

They then proceeded to rewrite all of the world's history pre-Arthur, and anything they couldn't cover up became “myth” or “legend”. In some cases they even created myths and legends for Phoenixes and Dragons and the like that weren't that even among myth and legend, the truth could not be fully discovered. Thus anything before the year of roughly somewhere in 800-600 BC that you read about in history books or even mythology books today, could be full of lies, half-truths or very rare facts.

Few humans even realized Merlin wasn't human, and before he died he decided to give the Wizard Guild more power by writing his life story in a Journal and hid it, with Alliel's real history hidden inside as well, written in code. This Wizard Guild is the same one that later Allanon and Alexander would come to be members of (in 1100 AD). By then, of course, the whole Guild was completely made up of humans, supposedly. This iteration of the Wizard's Guild was not the only magical guild in the world, but it was the most famous one, and contained all of the Wizards of what you'd now call England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Most Wizard Guilds didn't communicate with each other either, making them somewhat isolated from each other.

1100 ADEdit

Admar was granted head of the Wizards guild's council. The Wizard Allanon was another member of the counciil, and he took on his first apprentice, Alexander. One day, Allanon found Merlin's Journal, and had deciphered bits of code, enough to learn a lot about the Mage's Guild. He told Alexander first, and they decided to tell the rest of the Council. The Wizard's Guild learned that an attack on them from the Mage's Guild would be inevitable, thus they declared war on the Mage's Guild. It was a secret War, as the rest of humanity was still meant to never know about the world of magic. In spite of this, in areas like the countryside, the battles could get massive. Allanon and Alexander both became the most famous heroes in this war, and the Wizard's Guild won. However, there had been Mage's Guild members (Phoenixes) hiding among the Wizard's Guild members, and thus much damage was done. The Council decided to keep things the way they were, and maintain a status quo, in spite the heavy losses they had lost. There was a rift in decision making, with some Wizard's Guild membership wanting a revolution. Thus, Wizards of this guild were in Civil War. Those who agreed with the council's decision to maintain status quo won, but Alexander was heartbroken over those he had to kill in the “purge” of all rebels that came after. Every single Wizard who had rebelled was executed in this “purge”.

Alexander grew to find out there was corruption among the Wizard's Guild, including some of the council members and grew angry. He knew every spell in the world, except the Divine ones, which Allanon himself knew. Over time, Alexander would declare war on the Wizard's Guild, and anytime he was eventually killed, he would ressurect from the dead each time, reincarnating as a new child maintaining all his memories...this ongoing fight of Alexander vs the Wizard's Guild continued until 1776 AD, still happening in England. This is where our story begins...


Humans had been stripped of their magical gifts. Many humans blamed themselves, claiming it was due to their fight over becoming “God”. Thus, the religious wars began. Wars meant to cleanse the “Sacrilegious”. All claiming their will was “Vacadrew's” will, and thus they must “purify the lands”. Vacadrews observed, but felt he should not get involved, feeling humanity had been helped too much and thus needed to find their way on their own, for the time being.

While this was occuring, something else was taking form in the Northern part of the continent of Nyx, a culture formed. This culture was a warrior culture with great warriors known as the Samurai. For the details, see the history of Shogan, coming later. The Northern most part of Nyx meanwhile formed the Nord and Scorn.

In Western Nyx, the religious wars had finally ended after much bloodshed, and in the end its unclear if there were any “Winners”, so much as they had become satisfied and it had ended, as those who worshiped Vacadrews formed two groups.

Aquanda was a kingdom of peace. Though it had capable fighters, they were meant for self defense as they preached showing love and kindness to others. They mostly peacefully worshiped Vacadrews. Agrada was different. It was a kingdom of warriors from the religious wars, whom while felt the wars were over, were still warriors at heart and ruled their kingdom strictly and were just as religious as Aquanda, worshiping Vacadrews.

Aquanda and Agrada didn't fully like each other, for various reasons, but didn't despise one another either. This was why they formed separate Kingdoms. However, sometime after the kingdoms formed, the 1st and at the time only, Golden Dragon, whom had lived a long life, declared war on the Phoenixes. Thus, the 1st Zizix rose to meet the challenge. The Ensuing battles lead to much property damage for Aquanda and Agrada, whom while not targets, were caught in the middle of it all, unforunately. This constant fight became known as the “2nd Great Phoenix and Dragon War”, which was named as such to acknowledge any and all previous Phoenix vs Dragon conflicts as a single “War” unto itself.

As the 2nd Phoenix vs Dragon War” was still rainging in the Northwest, Shogan continued it's history by being invaded by Gronar back when the continent of Shogan's lands contained countries known as Kiryoku, Kyodo, Ai, Ryu and Heisei (more Shogan history will come in later parts). However, five foreigners from unknown lands decided to help the people of Shogan- Shin, Gin kor, Mar and Raven. Raven himself was a man from Bretonoyama, though again, nobody knew where these five came from at the time. But, for whatever reason they helped the 5 nations and became no just heroes but legends. In any case, these 5 nations became six in Shogan and changed their names to become known as Freyala, Aine, Fin'eowyn, Auron, Jigoku and Raiterra. More about them will be within the Shogan history. Meanwhile, the 2nd Phoenix vs Dragon War took a strange turn, as somehow a Red Dragon became so powerful, it used magic to in itself become a 2nd Golden Dragon and fought the original for dominance.

The original Golden Dragon won, and had grown far stronger for it. Not only that, he became bold. He charged the Phoenix encampment and killed the Zizix, but became shocked later when another, albeit younger, Zizix attacked him for vengeance. He successfully killed it as well, but had fallen for a trap as yet another Zizix ambushed him immediately after, and thus the original Golden Dragon was slain. The successful Zizix was named Mangrielle and she decided a different course than expected: the phoenixes would withdraw and spare the remaining dragons..for now. Little did they known that the Red Dragon named Abraxas had fled to the east..and became a Golden Dragon. Also, a Wolf of elemental magic at this time gave the people of shogan elemental spirit animals to help them gain elemental magic. This too, can be found in the Shogan history, as well as it's subsequent wars.

Meanwhile, the western kingdoms were having enough to truly rebuild and some formed two countries. However, Abraxas spent some time away from most of his dragon kin, aside from a select few whom he helped gain enough strength to be nearly as powerful as himself, whom he brought with him to the land of Shogan. More about that can be found in the Shogan history.

After some time, Abraxas grew bored as they were beginning to win too easily, thus the first “Dragon Souled” were born to see if humans could kill him with his own power. They never succeeded, however it did make the war more interesting for him. Over time, Aquanda and Agrada united, realizing they could no longer be “Kingdoms” and must become a single country, and renamed itself “Aquaria” due to feeling they had reached some sort of “enlightent”, however some of Aquanda's people disagreed with this and fled the country to form a different one named “Atlantis”.

Dark WorldEdit

Before I continue on the history of Dark World, a side note. Origin of Orcs- Goblins were creatures from back when Saecreil had magic. They were humans that had made a pact with an Arch Demon. They were the only race to be nearly annihilated by God, meaning the first time he actually killed something himself. However he allowed a select few of them to survive out of mercy. They went into hiding. However after the dark war, where the North destroyed the south 30 years ago, all the dark magic in the atmosphere corrupted the few surviving and hiding goblins, creating Orcs, something that none of humanity yet knows exists.

Now, with that out of the way, this is how Saechriel became known as “Dark World” The history of Bretonyama is a tale for another day, but to summarize, after a major war, King Bahrik rose to power over Bretonyama. He then decides he wants world conquering it. See, the dark magic he'd usedto help him win, had somewhat corrupted him. He then conquers the northern hemisphere of the entire planet and teaches his armies dark magic.

The various peoples and cultures of the south allied with the Southern Empire, near the south pole. Though the the people of the Southern Empire were cold and rude, and very prideful... they were not heartless and allied with the Southern Countries in one giant alliance, out of fear of Bahrik's new Northern Empire.

This leads to the Great War. Northern Empire vs the Southern Alliance. In the end, the north won. All but the Southern Empire was burned to ashes and it's people slaughtered. The Northern Empire believes the Southern Empire was as well, but the few survivors hid, very much alive. The pollution of dark magic from the war, causes Saecriel's skies to be covered. In some parts of the world, its permanetly cloudy, and in other's eternal night. The Dark Magic in the atmosphere corrupted many, in various ways. It could range from being irritable and emotional, to becoming full fledged evil. Hence, Saecriel gained the nickname “Dark World”.

This caused many civil wars and in-fighting among the Northern Kingdom, and thus Bahrik had many of his troops seal off the area he lived in, to isolate himself from the rest of the Northern Empire. Ironically, this made him unaware of other affairs, such as the fact that Shogan still had to this day not used Dark Magic ever, but it had corrupted them all the same due to the dark atmosphere.

King Bahrik regretted the damage he had done to the world, and could forsee no solution to fix it. Thus, King Bahrik sent some scouts to search the portal for the rumored “Other Earth”. When they never returned, he prepared for what would come next. He would send his pupil to our world, to find a new home. The Pupil was named Mortas, and he was pure evil. Before being sent, Mortas took on a pupil of his own, named Vorkalth. King Bahrik also decided to send a young man named Aldos, and a few other somewhat decent magical users, to lead the charge. Alongside them, he sent various troops to begin what would be the invasion of this other Earth. Bahrik felt he had no choice- they needed a new home.


The beginningEdit

Many years ago, there were great warriors, known as the Samurai. They served their Shogun with respect, courage and above all else: Honor. The Samurai spread their customs to people everywhere over the years. Eventually however, some began to get the idea of Greed. This lead to wars between the Samurai, that ravaged the lands.

Eventually, new types of Swordsmen formed in this war. They were usually either 1. Swordsmen with honor BASED on bushido, but altered it slightly, in ways that vary depending on the individual, or 2. Former Samurai who decided owning more land meant something more than Honor did. 3. Actual Samurai (meaning they followed bushido to a tee.) became a rarity..eventually when the dust settled..these people..the Swordsmen and Samurai of this war.. each helped form the cultures of 5 nations.

The 10 Months of Darkness WarEdit

These 5 nations names are lost to the times, however what followed was a long time of peace. The people of each nation were filled with swordsmen and there was at last a balance between the nations. However, suddenly a large army of evil hearted men came from a foreign land. This lead to the 5 nations standing together to rid of these people. These people, however, didn't lose without a fight, and even had mysterious creatures that fought with them..referred to as Gollums. These evil hearted men were so powerful they were all referred to as Oni..or Demons. These wars were far more bloody than ones before, and lead to the 10 months of darkness..where the war was feeling lost, and these Demons with their Gollums were winning. From the ashes rose five powerful people. Shin, Gin, Kor, Mar, and Raven. Their origins were unknown, but for whatever reason, they helped the 5 Nations and became not just heroes..but Legends. It is rumored that these five great warriors, used so much of their power for this war, that it shortend their lifespans, so they each put the last of their power in one sword each, and hid the blades in the hopes that they'd never have to be used. Mysteriously, after the 5 Nations defended their lands effectively, due in part to the help of the 5 legends..the remaining Demons mysteriously vanished.

The Formation of the Seven Nations and the first Great WarEdit

At some point thereafter, the 5 Nations became 7 Nations..and the greatest Swordsmen of these 7 nations learned of ways to manipulate the energy within themselves to utilize the elements to attack with. These Swordsmen in turned taught it to all the people of their nations in turn. Each nation was hence nicknamed after the element that its lands gave their people the ability to utilize. Thus the seven nations were the Countries of Wind, Fire, Water, Earth Lightning, Ice and Lava. Though their original names, in the order I just mentioned were Freyala, Aine, Fin'eowyn, Auron Raiterra, Hiyariku and Jigoku. Soon technology even developed. (However like in naruto..weapons and transportation are still primitive, while everything else is not..think naruto technology.) These nations however, remained at peace, not wishing to be at war with each other. Until the Firelord made a discovery. He was visiting his friend, the lord of Freyala (aka the Windlord), when suddenly a gigantic beast attacked them..a Dragon with incredible power, later called the "9th Dragon". They fought the beast, but neither was strong enough to overpower it, and the Firelord betrayed his friend the Windlord, in order to escape.

The Windlord's adviser saw this. After being made the new Windlord, he declared war apon the Country of Fire. This upset the balance of some countries sided with Fire, and others with Wind. The alliances in the first great war were like this: Fire- Earth, Lava (Aine- Auron, Jigoku) Wind- Water, Ice (Freyala- Fin'eowyn, Hiyariku) Lightning was fighting for itself, but not greedily, but to keep up with what was going on around it. (Aka: to stay strong)

After a year of war, with no clear victor in sight, a wise old samurai of the Country of Water, had captured a creature. This creature was a Dragon later to be called the "6th Dragon", and it had vast control of water unlike any other. This wise old samurai had discovered a way to seal the Dragon within himself. He easily used his strength to have the Country of Water force fire and Wind into a peace agreement..leading to temporary peace.

The Second Great WarEdit

Then, one day the wise old samurai died of what they thought was old age..and the Dragon was freed and unleashed upon the Country of Water..soon it was discovered it was but one of the 9 Dragons, with the 9th Dragon being the strongest. The Swordsmen fought each other to try to gain control of these Dragons, much like the Wise old Water Swordsman had. As the wars raged on for a year, soon it was discovered by a Swordsman of Earth Country, that there was a stone with Earth powers within it.

It turns out the Wise water swordsman had sealed some of the power of each Dragon (except the 9th one) within 8 different stones, making them each weaker dragons, but still very difficult to defeat..however with some of the beasts power in each stone, this meant Swordsmen could wield the power of the stones, as the wars evolved to fight over the stones as well. Betrayals happened often, so true factions didn't exist, it was just every country for themselves.

Soon, no country was winning and peace was forced otherwise each nation would be extinct, so they all agreed to piece in order to have time to rebuild. No nation had any Dragon or Stone at this time..and their locations are unknown even today.

The Rise of Organized RoninEdit

A young man of Freyala, named Samuel, began his journy into adulthood. However, when he took his test into becoming a man..his town was in ruins. He'd witnessed the first raid of the Ronin. Apparently displeased with the way things were ran, a group of Rouge Swordsmen (aka Ronin) had become an organized group and rose up. But their ideas of the way to reform things were through bloodshed and war. Soon this group revealed to have allies within every major nation, leading to revelation that the Ronin were far bigger in numbers than anyone had thought. This lead to civil war in every one of the 7 nations. the reason Samuel is of importance

is, apon seeing his town destroyed, he was the last survivor of that town, and apon heading to the next Freyala town..he lead the people of that town into defending themselves, and his strength was acknowledged enough to be promoted to leader of an army. Other people of Freyala protested when the Windlord decided this, feeling he hadn't truly proven himself and that he was still too much of a rookie, but the decision had been made. Samuel was way in over his head at first in the battles, but eventually he became well known as a hero, he fought with honor and bravery for his nation.

Meanwhile in Aine, Head General of its armies, Tosen, was fighting viciously and without mercy. His anger fueled the armies as they fought off the Ronin, but the numbers of the Ronin, coupled to how many they could recruit to their cause..lead to the war draggin on and on. The same was happening with Aurons head general Roth, the head general of Jigoku's armies Alger, and so on. The leader of Raiterra's armies however, succeeded in taking out the Ronin of its nation, and restoring order to its people. They then headed for the Fin'eowyn to help its people with their Ronin problems, however, hadn't been able to contact the water people to warn them, leading to many lives lost over misunderstandings until finally all ways made clear, but the damage had been done.

At the same time as Raiterra's misunderstandings in Fin'eowyn had happened, Samuel was just beginning to succeed for Freyala, when the leader of the Ronin challenged him to a fight. The two men fought with all

the power they could, the strength of their wind attacks shaking everything around them. This battle would go into legend as being one of the greatest battles of this war.

Meanwhile, in Hiyariku, they had their leader of its armies (aside from Icelord), Sai..fighting the leader of its rebel Ronin, with the same epicness of a battle, as the cold air was so intence it was hard to breath for those watching the fight. The extreme skill of these Swordsmen being very apparent.

The Next Great LegendsEdit

Finally, it was revealed..after each Nation having mostly taken care of their ronin problems, aside from Raiterra which had completely rid themselves of Ronin..came the revelation of the fact that all the Ronin..even the leaders of each countries' ronin..were all merely pawns before 7 great warriors. These warriors power was too great for many, as they slaughtered swordsmen left and right. Sai of Hiyariku (Ice), Samuel of Freyala (Wind), and Alger of Jigoku (Lava) were considered the only people alive strong enough to take them on, being even stronger than their lords by now, but having no interest in overthrowing them. Armies fell to these 7 warriors, but soon each one of these 3 took them down, one by one. The battles were intense, and many lives were lost in every nation as the fights raged on and on to take down these 7 warriors, who each could take down armies by the feat of Sai, Samuel and Alger taking them down was considered amazing.

When the last 3 of the Ronin men were left..Sai, Samuel and Alger

formed together as a squad of allies to take them down. This battle was the most intense of the entire war, but the leader of the squad, Samuel..came down with an illness at the end of the battle. With his life coming to an end, he declared his wishes for all the nations to be friends, and how Sai and Alger had become his friends. He died and the Swordsmen world morned over his death, but also rejoiced over their victory in the war. The 7 nations were at peace again..for the time being.

The Rise of Tea CountryEdit

About 14 years after the attack of organized Ronins, a meteorite strikes the land of Hiyariku, separating it in two, with the center land going under water, and millions of ice people dying. Aine, having been waiting for an opportunity to fight Hiyariku, decides to take this opportunity to attack them, they attack the eastern lands of it, which Fin'eowyn decides is too close to their borders, and decides to fight off the Aine attackers. This leads to Raiterra, who feels that Aine is too valuable an ally, to help Aine with their attack. Meanwhile, Aine is also sending troops to try to attack the main bigger land of Ice. however, Freyala feels its too close to THEIR borders, and also feels strongly about the days when Sai and Samuel were friends, so they help defend ice. Soon the sides of the war and their attitudes towards ice look like this: Ice- Enemies=Fire,Lava,Lightning..Allies=Wind, Earth, Water. Among these days, a hero for every nation was born: Cygnus of Hiyariku (Ice), Zoku of Aine (Fire), Jolli of Jigoku (Lava), Bi of Raiterra (Lightning), Fargus of Auron

(Earth), Kathrine of Fin'eowyn (Water), and Anji of Freyala (Wind). Each becoming known as the last of the Legends..great warriors all in their own right. During this war, the age minimum for going into war was 12 years old, and there was a draft held in every military country. The outcome is devastating, as every strong majority powerful person in every nation, including the lords of each nation, all die and nothing is gained or lost in this war, aside from what Ice had already lost. Eventually, the eastern Lands of former Ice are made into the Tea Country..a non-combatant nation used for party and celebration at the great fortune of being alive. The other countries grow to like this nation and end up all signing a contract that obligates that no nation attack Tea, or face the wrath of all the other countries. However, because of this Wars casualties, peace had come at a great cost: no one could remember the way to become as strong as Legends..thus the knowledge of Legendary abilities was lost.

Lost History of Shogun ContinentEdit

The Five nations were called Kiryoku (later called Freyala and Hiyariku), Kyōdo (later called Auron and Jigoku), Ai (later called Aine), Ryu (later called Raiterra), and Heisei (later called Fin'eowyn). For Five years, the Five Nations remained at peace. All had become well. Despite the fact that everyone of the five nations were most mostly made up what we know they were made up of, they ultimately only had small conflicts, such as small time crooks, any nation would during peace time. However as you know, in 115 RT there was the 10 months of Darkness war...but you know the whole story behind that...what about after the war?

It first started with Kiryoku. Though they greatly wished to expand, they found the Southern Kiryoku conditions to be entirely too cold, and people began slowly migrating north. This caused feelings of great pain for the people of the south, as many stubbornly refused to leave as they saw family members leaving, soon the south felt less populated than the North by a great margin. The people of the south began to change over the years, becoming bitter and cold, much like the climate they were in.

Meanwhile in Heisei...all was not well. Mysterious creatures had begun to attack their lands. Heisei however, wanted to keep this secret, which lead to hurt feelings has some of Heisei felt they should call for aid if they needed it. After a long time of battles happening in secret in Heisei, people became bitter about the hurt feelings over this, and many migrated to South Kiryoku. Meanwhile, the people of Kyodo stood happy and doing well. However, something did not bode well when a disease plagued their nation. Apparently the disease had come from one of the Demon's from the previous war. The disease began to kill many people Kyodo, but soon it was discovered that the warmer climates of the Volcanos in South Eastern Kyodo, blocked off this disease. Any infected with the disease were sent to South Eastern Kyodo, and any who wished to go there as well were permitted to, but anyone of South Eastern Kyodo was forbidden to leave that territory.

Soon after, those of Mainland Kyodo built an immunity to the disease, however the South Eastern Kyodo were already upset, and the Mainland Kyodo stubbornly didn't want to welcome them back anyways. To make things go more smoothely, the Mainland Kyodo granted South Eastern Kyodo independance immediately, narrowly avoiding civil war, but deviding the country. Soon the bitter feelings of Southern Kiryoku could not be beared anymore, and open war was declared for Southern Kiryoku to be decalred an independant nation! Kiryoku and South Kiryoku fought for quite awhile, but in the end the damage was too great and Southern Kiryoku was granted independance.

However soon these creatures that had harmed Heisei previously, ended up attacking a single city in various nations, leading to the "ruins" you see today. (Such as the Albel Ruins in Raiterra). After they had their fill of destruction, the mysterious creatures disappeared, with only Heisei knowing what they truly even looked like. The end of all the above was in 200 RT. The nations were uneasy, and unsure what the future held. For five years the now Seven Nations debated among themselves on what to do and how to change for the better. Reforms happened often and policies changed often as well. However 5 years later, luck would bring about a miraculous discovery. Apparently, there was such a thing as the "Spirit Realm" a place where the inner energies of all living things could be used as a weapon. The Seven nations reconized this, as this was something the Five Great Legends could do during the war. The emmessary of the Spirit Realm...a Wolf with the ability of all elements, spoke to the people of the Seven Nations. He stated that the 5 Legends who saved them were different than them, but the wolf had seen their great pain, and he wished to make them happy and help unify the seven nations and bring peace. He also stated however, that what he'd give them could also cause more war and strife, but that it was up to them what they chose to do with it. He also said they must change their names, as a way to say they wished to do away with their pasts, and look towards the future of their people, and asked they wait until after they gained their gifts, to create their new names for their countries.

The Seven Nations, sick of being confused and unsure of their future, gladly accepted the peace offering. The Wolf then said that in seven days, there would be giant Spirit creatures coming to each of them. 1 for each nation..that would reprsent an element that would be given to them. The creature would watch over their nation from the spirit realm, and grant all born as natives to the country it watched over, the element it had.

The animalsEdit

The Raven of Wind was granted to North Kiryoku, which then changed its name to Freyala The Phoenix of Fire was granted to Ai, which then changed its name to Aine The Ox of Earth is was granted to West Kyodo, which then changed its name to Auron The Tortoise of Water was granted to Heisei, which then changed its name to Fin'eowyn The Driger of Lightning was granted to Ryu, which then changed its name to Raiterra The Monkey of Lava was granted to East Kyodo, which then changed its name to Jigoku The Polar Bear of Ice was granted to South Kiryoku, which then changed its name to Hiyariku.


And now the origin of the Genki and the "Lost Years" has been discovered. The scrolls saying all this are found by Scribes of Tea Country in between chapter 1 and 2, and are then published in the newspapers around the Shogun Continant, simultationsly revealing that the myth of their once having been 5 Countries to be they rejoice to've found a piece of lost history at last, something that had been lost sense the Second Great Swordsman War. now for the name symbolism Kiryoku- Willpower, Energy Kyodo- Strength Ai- love Ryu- Dragon Heisei- peace everywhere those are the meanings behind the original five nations names.


A continuity goof is being corrected now. The time conversion between Earth 1 (aka our world) and Earth 2 (aka Dark World). 6 months on Earth 1, is 1 month on Earth 2.