Rebirth is a fantasy series written by Christopher J Ridgeway. There are three books planned for it, with room for more.

Split EmbersEdit

The first in a series! Max, Shakira, Leon, Jericho and friends are just regular students at Allan's University. However one day students begin to mysteriously gain magical abilities. Somehow this all ties to the legendary wizard Alexander, and a dark world just on the horizon.. Rated: Fiction M - English - Friendship/Fantasy - Chapters: 31 - Words: 136K+

Saitoryu MountainEdit

The origins of Dark World! Bahrik's homeland is attacked by the forces of Bretoniroyama, but not all is as it seems as their attackers are in fact currently in Civil War amongst themselves. Meanwhile, the 5 kings that never were all have their own problems. All of these battles tie to the Swords of Saitoryu Mountain, though it is unclear how.

Rebirth: the Confused and Tainted World (Working title)Edit

A magic school was founded by the main characters of Split Embers (Max, Jericho, Shakira, Leon and more!), meanwhile WWIV is coming...