Tim MasonEdit

Debut (Story)
  • Split Embers
Appears in Split Embers, Confused and Tainted World


Birthdate October 7
Gender Male
  • Split Embers: 22-26
  • Confused and Tainted: 26+
  • Unclear
  • Sorcerer
  • Split Embers: None
  • Confused and Tainted: Nomura House
  • Caucasian (American)
Reason for getting into the College for his award

winning metal art sculpters and amazingly high intelligence for a man of his appearence and attitude

Studies in College history and workshop
[hide] Elements
  • Unknown
[hide] [Other Spells]
[hide] Weapons

None (Gabriel can turn into weapons)


Considered sarcastic with a sense of humor that makes most around him either laugh, or facepalm. He has a sick southern humor, though some would argue he has a great sense of humor. He enjoys working with metal to a obsessed point, hates being interrupted while working,loves seeing things on fire as he works, and not a trust all kinda fellow. He likes to stick to his own, but often finds himself forced into leadership positions.


Tim was born in raised in Florida. His father is a welder for FPL the cheif engineer while his mother is a history teacher. During his child hood his father constantly took him to work teaching him the trade of welding and engineering but when he was home his mother would tell him stories from the past and history lessons. as he graduated from highschool he spent two years on the road as a traveling welder and engineer after getting hired for a job welding old peices of trucks into statues of historic statues of heros and legends giving it a newage look to them.


  • Sometimes only he can see the ghosts he's speaking to, which can make him appear crazy.

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